Real Madrid vs Valencia 2-2 – Highlights & Goals – 27 August 2017

Real Madrid salvage a point this evening as Marco Asensio’s brace saved them from a plethora of missed opportunities against Valencia. Valencia were up for the challenge this evening and bounced back from Asensio’s early strike as Carlos Soler equalised. In the second half Geoffrey Kondogbia handed them the lead, only for Asensio to level the scores with a fine free-kick.

Karim Benzema could have scored five goals this evening, but had one of those days in front of the net. Valencia could have also knicked the win, but their finishing was not lethal enough in front of goal. A point apiece is a fair result on the balance of play.

Top comments:

Dushant Rana 1 day ago
Marco Asensio 👏 What a game, little magician!

On the other hand, Benzema… So many chances, but unfortunately no goal ;(

NeoSpartanHesperos9 1 day ago
I could make a rude, disrespectful joke about Real Madrid, but I’m not. Asensio is an amazing player and Valencia proves LaLiga isn’t a mickey mouse league and can make it entertaining and heart pumping. Good game both teams.

Eddy Mills 1 day ago
There’s no doubt! BENZEMA and BALE are TRASH!!!

Messi Beauty 1 day ago
As a barcelona fan Asensio is magic just look on how he scored the first goal he gets the ball dribbles it with ease and shoots it with power thats not even luck that was just pure skill and it was a sensational goal definitely in 2024 when messi and ronaldo retire. Asensio along with mbapee,pulisic,and more young talent will be fighting for the balon dor. Young talent is one of reasons why football is exciting

i5x 1 day ago
What an amazing performance by karim benzema!
He’s a future ballon d’or winner for sure.
He missed every chance he had,Even Ronaldo and Messi couldn’t do that.
Respect bro.

Daffa Mih 1 day ago
Benzema is Shit!

Justin McDonald 1 day ago
Great match lads u did well

Arslan Kingsley 1 day ago
Everybody is talking how good was Asensio but not about Benzema’s floppy and poor finishes 😒

Minga keöle 1 day ago
Real Madrid sell benzema ND Gareth bale. ND we need a world class defender #ASAP

The Beast 27 1 day ago
If benzema took his chances Real would of won

Surya Rameshkumar 1 day ago
I hate how in benzema’s Instagram it’s flooded with hate comments like fuck your mother, I hope you get an injury , hope you leave after one bad game. Everyone was praising him for the goal against Barca and now everyone wants him out. Just shows u that Real Madrid have so many plastic fans . I hate when players have a bad game and they go hate on their Instagram.

Alex Pereira 02 1 day ago
Barça ❤

PredatoR7861 1 day ago
you didn’t include benzema’s miss at an open goal lmao

Clothing Fits 1 day ago
Benzema missed a good 6 chances. Sad if he would’ve made at least 1 madrid would’ve got the win. This is a moment where as a madrid fan I miss Alvaro Morata and I know Madrid made the wrong decision in selling him.

Kaitane 1 day ago
Too many missed chances, and if Ronaldo had been in we could have won this game. Benzema despite his link up play misses too many chances, and in the long term with Morata gone this could cost us many more games. Still, the season isn’t over but we can’t afford to drop more points. Hala Madrid and what a gem Asensio is. MOTM.