North West Is Not a Fan of Saint

Kim Kardashian West talks about her daughter North not getting along with her youngest child Saint.

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Izzie’s World 10 hours
Why???? 😫😫 Why didn’t she channel someone like Marilyn Monroe? She has more in common with her. 😬

miss alison 11 hours ago
look i have nothing PERSONALLY against Kim K, but you cannot “transform” into a person who did charity work, spoke multiple languages and helped alot of people, was the 1st lady, was right next to her husband when he got assasinated and walked the streets throwing one of the biggest funerals, just because of “fashion” and to look “cute”! i havent seen Kim do anything near that except posting naked selfies of herself and selling sex tapes! no! stop it!

Lyric’s Edits 11 hours ago
No Kardashian should ever be associated with Jackie Kennedy. Just no.

Trump 11 hours ago
Disgusting don’t compare her to Jackie.😒

Regina Phalange 11 hours ago
This is majorly offensive to jackie kennedy

Lovie 11 hours ago
Doesn’t even look like Jackie…

Adalia Coleman 10 hours ago
but if anyone else posed as jackie y’all wouldn’t be hating….

Senyora Camz 3 hours ago
Oh please don’t compare yourself to Jackie O. Bitch no!! Maybe you’re rich but you can’t buy class and respect! 🤦🏻‍♀️smh!!! You’re a hoe, racist defender and bitch your family was known for being a bunch of plastics and money hungry ! Learn how to respect the legend!!

the nerve she got smh
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Mica11 hours ago
Kanye as president? Hell nah fam
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Kardashians Videos Videos
Kardashians Videos Videos11 hours ago
To have too much haters, it shows that you are so successful and people hate that you are successful
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